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At MR Guitars we care about all our customers because we want you to feel part of this community. That is why we welcome any method of contacting us if you have any questions, problems or suggestions. You need only write to us, call us or, why not, visit us. We are waiting for you!


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The latest guitar model, the best tricks for taking care of it, upcoming events… any interesting fact you might need to know about is included in our newsletter. At Manuel Rodriguez Guitars we want to tell you all the latest news, so if you would like to receive our newsletter, just sign up here.

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The doors are open at our factory in Esquivias, Toledo so you can find out about the work performed by our luthiers, discover the various scents of our more exotic woods and, above all, so that you can play a MR guitar with your own hands. Our home is your home, book your visit here.

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Without good maintenance, the passage of time is your instrument's worst enemy, which is why we offer a comprehensive guitar repair service. Just bring or send it to us and we will return it completely serviced. Please contact us and we will explain how. .

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We are on your mobile, tablet or laptop. What would a cultural and human project be without social networks? At MR Guitars we want you to connect with us in the way you like best; this is why we are present in the main internet communities. Find us!

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Sandra Jumper

"I have always had a deep love for string instruments, and acoustic guitars especially. From a very early age-I remember sitting on the floor in front of my Grandpa Fred, listening to him play for as long as I was allowed. "


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