Nature by MR

Our Wood in its Pure State

Our Nature by MR line is the result of our passion for the high quality woods, it unique sounds and a growing intention to reduce the environmental impact of our production process. Our luthiers work delicately with the best woods and minimizing the use of varnish providing these models with an unparalleled lightness and a freer vibration, which result in instruments with an own life and a deep personality.

Walking towards a sustainable future

The launch of Nature by MR is the confirmation of a strategy marked by the sustainability and responsibility concepts starting in 2015 with the complete remodeling of our 6,500 m² factory in Esquivias, Toledo. During that year, Manuel Rodriguez Guitars was incorporated in Grupo Empresarial Sostenible which carry out a significant improvement of our work spaces, incorporating sustainable materials like FSC certified wood, recycled materials and ecologic paintings. We also have considerably reduced our energetic consumption thanks to the installation of solar panels in our main facilities.

These new models have been integrated in a big part of our manufacturing process, resulting in a significant reduction in the use of varnishes and other chemicals with the purpose of minimizing our environmental impact and also trying to preserve at maximum the health of our luthiers. These guitars, like all MR products are designed and manufactured entirely in Spain.


Nature by MR products