Exclusive Series

Unique woods for selected guitars

Made with 50 year old solid woods, our Exclusive guitars are made for the expert hands of luthiers who have been working with us for more than 20 years.

These models are the distinguishing mark of Manuel Rodríguez Guitars. They combine the greatest of a century-old company that seeks since the very begining the most Spanish sound and the best quality.

Exotic woods, beautiful gloss finish and amazing bindings made these models unique pieces. They can be made with both Cedar or Spruce top, which give them a darker or lighter colour that will match with the guitarist preferences. They also have colourful feather-shaped pattern bindings, obtained by gluing hundreds of colored wood sheets and cutting them in stripes. The Ebony is also present which made the guitars more resistent.

Our Exclusive Series guitars are musical diamonds that lasts over time.


Exclusive Series products