4 useful apps for guitarists

The smartphone is your inseparable partner, also when you practice your technique and ripp off the strings of your guitar. So we have been searching on the Internet and we found some interesting apps that can be very useful for guitarists and you may like to download and have anytime at hand.

iReal Pro: If you get bored of playing alone and not always can count on a friend to…

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Over the next two weeks our CEO Manuel Rodríguez is visiting personally the Middle East distributors who works with MR guitars in Oman, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Chipre and Israel. Rodríguez never gets tired of transmiting his message of passion about music around the world, its importance in education and the tradition of handcrafted beautiful instruments made in Spain, birthplace of flamenco and guitar.

During this visit he will be…

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It would not be excessive to say that Estas Tonne’s visit to Spain was one of the most expected event of the year for all the MR family. Since two years ago his beloved MR guitar was stolen (the one with he played his famous The Song of the Golden Dragon), Tonne was in talks with our CEO Manuel Rodríguez to get a new one. In one…

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The benefits of music in childhood

Since decades, music is one more subject in the curriculum of most of the schools in the world. There are several studies that talks about the benefits of playing music in children development, especially in their first years. But, what music makes in them and why it is so important to be part of their lives?

Improves brain development

According to music educator Émile Jaques-Dalcroze (1865-1950)rhythm is a key…

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Manuel Rodriguez Guitars did not want to miss the charity event of the year and the chance to make our contribution in the gala fundraising organized by the Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, Starlite. One more year, our handmade guitars helped to collect thousands of euros on Saturday 6th of August in Marbella, Spain.

In collaboration with the Mexican distributor Hermes Music, this time the two guitars auctioned were…

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IMG_4186 baja

Exotic MR: an exclusive design

In addition to the more than 30 models of guitars available in our catalog, sometimes ideas arise to give light into unique works pieces. This time we present our latest and exotic creation.

With a spectacular body made of 40 years old Madagascar Rosewood, this guitar looks like painted by an artist. It is hard to think that the vein of a tree can create such a beautiful form and…

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Aprender a tocar la guitarra

It is summer, time to spend nights at the beach, to camp in the countryside or do a bbq with friends. And we are sure that you have someone close that usually plays some music in that situations, probably with a guitar. And for that reason, in summertime you always say to yourself: “I have to learn to play the guitar”. But you never do.

So we are giving you…

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In mid-June, Manuel Rodríguez landed in Argentina to present the new models of the line Nature by MR. Our CEO dedicates the most part of its time traveling around the world to bring our guitars to the remotest places. In this occasion, Manuel traveled all over the Atlantic to visit the biggest distributors of Latin America.  In Argentina, the Import Music team welcomed him willing…

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pantallazo vicente blog mr

Luthiers: Vicente Najarro

Vicente Najarro is one of our luthiers specialized in the process of guitar assembly. Everyday he works in one of the phases that need more accurately because is when the guitar is consolidated. During the assembly is when, for the first time, all the external woods are united with the shape that the guitar will have. As you can appreciate on the video, is an artisian process in which precision…

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Some months ago we announced with big excitement our recent ties created with Warner Music Spain. It was a great pleasure for us to drop some of our models in their studios and see how day by day are played by the talented hands of their musicians.

Our guitars come and go on the Warner studios. They sound with all its intensity in

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