Our factory

6,000 square metres of music

In 1994, Guitarras Manuel Rodriguez left its small shop in the centre of Madrid to install itself in new and ambitious facilities in Esquivias, Toledo, where they would begin to manufacture their guitars. More than two decades later, our factory is an example of perfect symbiosis between tradition and modernity. It is a place where the latest technology meets our luthiers' experience to create an unrivalled sound and we do not want it to be missed out on.

At MR we believe that the best way to find out which guitar is ideal for each person is by discovering it, playing it, feeling it. That is why we offer you a guided tour of our factory, observing the whole construction process, from the drying of the most exotic woods to varnishing and polishing. On this journey to the essence of the guitar, the visitor can see and listen to our luthiers at work, and look closely at every detail of this instrument. In addition, you can delve into the luthiers' world of the last century, thanks to the opportunity to see Manuel Rodriguez Sr.'s old workshop, its almost hundred year old woods and its instruments.


At the end of the tour of our facilities, when the visitor has been immersed in the complexity and the beauty of our guitars, you can make a stop in our shop-showroom. This space is the perfect finale to a sensory journey in which as well as viewing each one of our guitars completely finished, you can try them, enjoy their sound and, almost certainly, fall in love with one of them. What are you waiting for?

Would you like to visit our factory?

You can request private tours for individuals and group tours for schools,
music schools or any group that wants to know about
the manufacturing process of our guitars.