The US television network CNN produced this reportage to show how Manuel Rodriguez guitars are made. The inspiration for this exotic piece for the typical US audience was to show that the charismatic Stevie Wonder used the company's guitars in numerous concerts. The video shows the process involved in the production of Manuel Rodriguez guitars from within, from the company's factory in the town of Esquivias, Toledo. This story is an example of the international importance of Manuel Rodriguez guitars.

Estas Tonné calls himself the troubadour of the world. This guitarist has spent years travelling all over the world to soak in the world's diverse musical culture and to be able to develop musical creations that are evocative, intense and, above all, beautiful. Tonné explains on his web page that his way of making music is a way of feeling like a citizen of the world. This guitarist mostly merges classic sounds with Latin rhythms, and flamencos. In this video, you can see him performing one of his many themes, with a Manuel Rodríguez guitar, the instrument that accompanies him on his travels.

In 2012, the TV channel Discovery Max broadcast this video documentary about traditional guitar making featuring the Manuel Rodríguez factory in the town of Esquivias, Toledo. In this piece, which was included in the program ‘How Is It Made?’, the viewer travels through more than a hundred years of history in a short space of time. From the choice and maintenance of the woods, through gluing, sanding and varnishing, this documentary shows every detail of the luthiers' complex work and the experience of those who work for Manuel Rodriguez.

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